Christmas Break … Zzzzz

What have I done over Christmas break?  Very, very little.  My reclusive side has taken over this holiday, and with the exception of a short overnight excursion to visit a friend last week,  a couple of church outings, and  some baseboard, the kitchen cupboard, and two door frame painting, I slept. Then I slept some more.  That’s it. I have logged an unheard of number of hours in a dream state, so many that I am certain that I could give Rip Van Winkle a run for the record.

Why the sleep?  I am certain it is due to the record number of hours I have also logged this year in my classroom.  I needed sleep’s restorative powers to prepare me for the last half of the year.  This is the first day I chose to get out of bed before 11 AM.  I rose at 7:30, and without the assistance of coffee got up, showered, ate breakfast, dropped in at the school to pick up things I forgot to bring home, visited the local bank, and sent off several student writings to the local paper for possible publication.  It is possible I may have caught up on the sleep on needed; however, I do feel the need for a nap already, and it is only 12:30.

To be fair, I have also read several essays by Marilynne Robinson and Stephen King’s latest novel Revival, and I have watched a ridiculous amount of bad television while playing Ruzzle.  I have updated my existence via social media so family and friends still know I’m alive but have no desire whatsoever to socialize outside of that venue. Instead, I prefer the silence of my home, the opportunity to actually listen to God, and the chance to sleep, sleep, sleep.

My school to-do list looms:  Grade, grade, grade…finish my intern’s observation…plan lessons… *sigh*

At least I have gotten out of bed at a reasonable hour today.  I will do the same tomorrow.  By next Monday, I will once again adjust to the never ending demands of being a teacher, as many others will. Thank you, God, for the opportunity to sleep, to re-energize, to rejuvenate.  This tired old teacher needed it!



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