MWP SI Digital Portfolio 2014-2015

Morehead Writing  Project Digital  Portfolio  2014-2015

Morehead                 Writing Project     Digital Portfolio     2014 – 2015               

Teacher as Researcher

1.  Professional article that made me think:  “Rage Against the Common Core” from The New York Times 

This article clarified the misconception that the Common Core is the reason our students are failing.  Quite simply people think Common Core is the same thing as high stakes testing, and it isn’t.  This article, as well as the number of rants undoubtedly fueled by FOX News’s propaganda machine prompted me to write this blog entry:  The ELA Common Core – Not Some Left Wing Communist Plot! 

2.  Inquiry Project Prezi:  Helping Students Cope with Trauma Through Writing

This project reaffirmed my long held belief that writing about troubled times in one’s life is therapeutic but took my understanding of why to a whole new level.  Additionally, I met an amazing Facebook friend, Dr. Jen Osbourn, who was a valuable resource during the research phase of my project.

Teacher as Writer

1.  “Houses” – Personal Piece

This piece was started during the MWP SI in 2014.  I did also end up sharing it with several other writers whose critique I value:  Liz Prather, Whitney Groves, and Jules Harris.

2.  Untitled Story About the Kentucky Pill Epidemic – Personal Piece

I started this piece years ago, but I had an urge to continue working on it in February of 2015.  Undoubtedly, the snow days were beginning allowing me extra time to live in my imaginary world for a while.

3.  My blog:  The “Write” Stuff – Professional Pieces

I started the blog after discontinuing another of mine which also included personal pieces.  This blog focuses on educational topics and all things ELA.

4.  Literary Letter Example written as a Model for my Students

I wrote this letter so that my ELA teammate and I had a piece that demonstrated basic paragraph structure.  After 10 weeks of writing single paragraphs in an attempt to build basic writing skills from November – January, this was my first attempt to get students to string five paragraphs together.  Thanks to the snow, this has taken about three weeks and we are still not finished.

Teacher as Reflective Practioner

1.  Modifications Made to This Year’s Writing Curriculum – Lesson Plans

So many students were emerging writers this year that it our ELA teams adopted this basic writing plan that was created by blending two old as dirt writing programs: The Four Square and the Paragraph-a-Week methods.  To read more about this read this my blog post: How to Remedy the Black Eye of Writing Remediation.

2.  Inquiry Project Prezi:  Helping Students Cope with Trauma Through Writing

I have been using trauma writing for years in my classes.  But one of the biggest changes I made to my classroom practice was to make sure students laugh or have fun after writing something particularly traumatic to reinforce their survival from the trauma!

Teacher as Instructional Leader

1.  E-mails Demonstrating My Assistance to Teachers in the Building with Writing Instruction

As and ELA team member at Bath County School Middle School, I am often asked for suggestions in delivering writing instruction, even more so now that the writing program review is an important component of our school’s report card scores.

2. Handout from PD’s I led this year on using journals in the classroom: (Elliot County – 7/8/2014,  KWP Conference – Danville, KY – 9/27/2014, Writing Eastern Kentucky Conference – 11/8/2014)

I had a very successful year delivering my Journals in the Classroom PD this year.  It was so exciting to see so many teachers get excited about using the journals to encourage writing in their classrooms. I may have learned more from the teachers who came to my session than they did from me!  I really enjoyed the chances I had to share these ideas with so many great teachers around the state!

3.  Program Review Lesson Plans

These lesson plans addressed writing, college and career readiness, and arts and humanities – all areas that are important to the Kentucky Program Reviews.  Additionally, these lesson plans highlighted a wonderful opportunity that my students were able to be a part of thanks to Dr. Deanna Mascle.  My seventh grade students were able to talk with first year students in Dr. Mascle’s Walking Dead to Superheroes FYS class.  Students were able to ask the freshmen questions about college and future careers and discuss the themes that could be found in the superhero world!


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