Personal Universe Deck – It works with 6th graders!

Liz Prather’s blog post about a personal universe deck popped into my mind this week as my students wrap up their second project based writing for the year.  Students  have been annotating each others’ rough drafts and revising their own rough draft based on the feedback of their peers.  They seemed like they needed a change of routine, so the personal universe deck came to mind.

I just had my students write 100 words that matter to them this class period.  The words they chose were about their past, present, and future, good and bad memories, and words they just love.  I focused on the meaning of a concrete nouns – a not so subtle attempt at infusing grammar in a non-threatening way.  For the last 20 minutes, I have only heard pencil lead furiously filling pages with words these students hold dear.  What a precious memory.  These students are amazing!

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